Brunch requirements and a recommendation

Sunday brunch is not a necessity or a requirement. I see it as a luxurious option with no compromise allowed.

During the week I’ll settle for “cheap, hot and fast.” at a “Get ‘em In and Get ‘em Out” breakfast mill. However, my preferences for Sunday brunch are quite extensive:
• No dress requirements (real or imagined)
• No hassle
• No bums’ rush
• No waiting in line
• No fast food
• No frazzled server
• Maybe I want a drink, but I don’t want to feel pressured or unwelcome if I don’t
• Maybe, I want to bring a section of the Sunday paper with to avoid and/or encourage conversation.
• Yes free parking
• Yes comfortable seating
• Yes large portions of good fresh food
• Yes pleasant service
Johnny O'Hagan's on Urbanspoon
I know, that’s a long list and sometimes I’d rather just stay home rather than strain my brain and the “Google” trying to figure it out.

So here’s my pick. Johnny O’Hagan’s at 3374 N. Clark.

Free parking in Wrigleyville is unheard of but Johnny O has a small lot on the south side of the building. The seating is quite cozy. Actually, this is the coziest place I’ve been since my grandma’s kitchen. The tables are tucked away in cozy little nooks that allow goodly amounts of space and yet still have good views of the rest of the place. “People watching” is part of the reason for not staying home.

Recommended is the Irish breakfast. It is a huge, hearty platter of all things breakfast good: eggs, potatoes, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, and beans. I felt strong enough to plow a field or shovel snow after downing only a “Half” portion.