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"Get Stuck On The Stick"

A Chicago location could not be more urban than 1560 N Damen. Skewerz is located next to the Blue Line El stop at the crossroads of North, Milwaukee and Damen. When you enter the tiny twelve seat space you are instantly transformed to a calm, friendly paradise with food that is surprisingly reasonably priced.

As the name implies, almost everything is served on a skewer. Skewers can be ordered singly or as a dinner including your choice of rice and condiment.  Skewer choices are Lemongrass Tuna, Lilikoi Salmon, Filet Mignon, Mango Pineapple BBQ Chicken, Tofu, or Vegetable skewerz.   The special recipe condiments are house made daily and  include Red Curry Peanut Sauce, Peanut Sauce, Coconut Sambal,Chili Sambal, Jalapeno Sambal, Mango Chili.

There are a few notable  exceptions to the theme.  The first exception  is “Chicago’s Best” grilled artichoke appetizer served with a lemon aioli dipping sauce, another delightful variance is the smokey good Pulled Pork Pita.

Former fine dining chef, Michael Haren, has created a healthy, upscale alternative to food on the go at surprisingly affordable prices.

Mike only uses the light & buttery, omega rich grape seed oil for dressings & frying. He uses an exotic variety of nutrient rich herbs, spices & ingredients that are so masterfully balanced, the dishes will appeal to even the simplest palate.
Skewerz is open late night (’til 5am on weekends) and serves delicious tropical cocktails in the Tiki Lounge. The individually crafted cocktails include the expected  Mai Tai and Rum Punch and the more exotic Liliokolani Martini, Ginger Lychee Martooni and Wiki Waki Woo.

Because there is no convenient parking, Skewerz offers “Text/Curb Service” If you call ahead for pick up, they will text you when your order is ready and run the food out to the curb when you arrive.

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A little piece of paradise under the "EL"


7 Steps to guarantee an unforgettable Chicago Blues Experience

toronzocannonlive1. Go out to the neighborhood clubs. The people in the neighborhood clubs are much more gracious and friendly and the prices will be lower. The downtown clubs employ the same musicians but the show is always much better when everyone is  relaxed and there’s a chance that you will meet some real local   Chicagoans.  The downtown clubs are full of other tourists.

2. Plan to stay until the last set
Sleep late or take a long afternoon nap (you’re on vacation, right?)
There are usually three sets. The first set is a good time to get a seat, but the crowd and the band are not warmed up yet.  The second set is the most crowded. The third and final set is the best.  The crowd thins out a little and this is when the bands call up their friends and local talent to jam and have fun with the music and the crowd. This is the best part of the show.
3. Talk to the people at the tables around you, tell them where you’re from and I guarantee you’ll have a better time.  You will go back home with great  stories about warm, quirky and welcoming Chicago natives
4. Buy CD’s directly from the musicians, they will be pleased to give you an autograph. (Bring a felt tipped pen). You can’t buy a better souvenir at the  airport or Navy Pier.
5. Bring your camera or camera phone; if you just bought a CD they will be very happy to pose for pictures.
6.  Arrange for a cab or limo to take you back to your  hotel.
You don’t want a DUI ticket to ruin you vacation and possibly your life.
And you don’t want to get lost; Chicago’s a big, spread out town.
7. Stop at an all night diner on the way back for some really great food and more low cost entertainment

For specific information about club locations and places to eat, send me an email at<img src="

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